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New York Jets Press Conference Live Thread - 11:00 AM EST

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

After much hullabaloo, and a complaint by the Pro Football Writers of America later, the New York Jets will finally wrap up their season with a press conference, led by Rex Ryan and Woody Johnson. It begins at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, and you may find a link to the stream here. This is the thread to discuss the press conference.

What shall we hear? Will Tony Sparano and Matt Cavanaugh be officially let go? Will a new General Manager be announced? Will Rex Ryan and Michelle Ryan renew their vows? Will Rex Ryan choke-slam Manish Mehta? With the New York Jets, anything can happen!

However, if I hear the phrase "gym rat" uttered a single time, or if I hear that Scott Cohen has been hired as the new GM, I will lead the fight and storm Florham Park as if it were the Bastille.