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New York Jets General Manager Rumors: Tom Gamble's Interview With San Diego Chargers Maybe Not Happening?

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

First Tom Gamble's interview with the Chargers for their general manager job was postponed. Then it was happening tomorrow. Now, maybe not according to Mark Cannizzaro.

Despite various reports that have Tom Gamble in SD for GM interview tmrw I'm told by NFL source that is no lock

We are firmly in the silly season of the general manager hot stove. We have all kinds of conflicting reports. Dave Caldwell might have been offered the job by the Jets. Now Gamble might be cancelling an interview with a second team, but then again he might not.

Let's just hope there isn't some last minute out of nowhere hire of Scott Cohen. I do feel pretty good about this because outside of Cohen, the Jets are looking at the right people. The process so far makes me optimistic they will find the right guy. I just wish I could tell you for certain who that right guy is.