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New York Jets Fire Matt Cavanaugh


Manish Mehta reports the Jets have fired quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh.

Matt Cavanaugh was informed this morning when he returned to the Jets facility that he wasn't coming back next season.

Cavanaugh might have been given a lemon in Mark Sanchez, but a sign of coaching is what you can do when given less than ideal parts. Good coaches find a way to work around it. See the coaching Alex Smith got in San Francisco, Kyle Orton in Denver, or Matt Cassel with New England. These were bad quarterbacks, but they were made to look passable for a time by good coaching.

Cavanaugh's record with Sanchez speaks for itself. Was he given a bad hand here? Maybe, but at his prior stop he was offensive coordinator of a college team that picked Tyler Palko to start over Joe Flacco? Is this enough to judge him? Before that, he was the offensive coordinator of the Ravens, you know the team that is the posterboy for people who say, "If a team with an offense that bad can win a Super Bowl, we have hope." I could go on, but you get the point. Cavanaugh is a really bad coach. This was years overdue. A new coach probably can't fix Sanchez, but this team doesn't need Cavanaugh around the next quarterback.