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New York Jets General Manager Rumors: Dave Caldwell to Choose Between Jaguars and Jets GM Jobs?

Scott Cunningham

Mike Silver is reporting the general manager search could come to a surprising conclusion today.

I'm told by a knowledgeable source that falcons player personnel director is likely to take Jags OR Jets GM job shortly. May have a choice

Pretty much everybody in the media has indicated this job was Tom Gamble's to lose. It's so tough to tell what to believe and what not to believe in searches like these, because both teams and candidates frequently put out bad information to increase leverage, and some reporters' sources who think they are in the know aren't really in the know.

I would not complain at all if the Jets ended up with Caldwell. He helped engineer Atlanta's meteoric rise from the cellar to one of the best teams in football, a consistent winner, with one of the most talented and deepest rosters in the league. Stay tuned for more. This is just heating up.