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New York Jets Rumors: Buffalo Bills Seek Permission to Speak With Mike Pettine

Rich Barnes-US PRESSWIRE reports the Bills have asked the Jets for permission to speak with defensive coordinator Mike Pettine about their defensive coordinator position.

Buffalo Bills: Sources tell us the Bills have requested permission to speak with Mike Pettine of the Jets for their defensive coordinator position.

Brian Costello notes that while Pettine's contract end after the 2012 season, it technically does not end until February, meaning the Bills still need to get permission. There's nothing to stop the Bills from waiting a few weeks for Pettine's contract to officially expire and then speaking to him if the Jets reject this request.

Pettine has been Rex Ryan's right hand man going back to his days in Baltimore. He played a big role in helping Rex install the defense. A change might be good for him to get out of Rex's shadow. Right or wrong (I'd wager heavily on wrong), there might be a perception out there he is a figurehead. Pettine does a lot of heavy lifting with the Jets. I'm prepared to see the Jets lose him, but I hope it's not to a division rival.

As much as I'd like to see the Jets keep Pettine, they can weather the loss should he go elsewhere. There are a lot of excellent defensive coaches already in place.