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New York Jets General Manager Rumors: Tom Gamble a Rex Fan?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Costello published an article yesterday indicating Tom Gamble might like to work with Rex Ryan.

A key piece of the GM hire is how that person will work with Ryan. People who know Gamble say he would embrace the chance to work with Ryan and that he considers him a great coach.

As we all know, the beat writers covering the Jets haven't really covered themselves in glory recently, but that's not everybody. I think Costello has done a fantastic job covering the general manager search, just as he did a great job covering the team during the season. He's been on point getting relevant and interesting information. There are other writers covering the Jets worthy of praise, but I want to give Costello his due. I can only speak for myself, but he's been a go to guy for actual Jets coverage.

This is interesting news. It's going to be important for the general manager and the head coach to be on the same page. There have been too many instances late in the Tannenbaum Era where that was not the case, like taking Stephen Hill in the second round. A team that wants to base itself on the run taking a project wide receiver in the second round was curious.

There seems to be a great deal of philosophical overlap between the way Rex Ryan wants to build a team and the way the 49ers have built their team with Gamble's help. It's about pounding teams. They build stout defenses and get after the passer. They base their offense on the power run game around a dominant offensive line to open things up in the passing game. It was the formula the Jets followed in Rex's first two years quite successfully. I could see Gamble and Rex working well together.

I want the new general manager to have a coach he is comfortable with. If Gamble likes Rex, that is fine by me. Rex clearly did not have a good year, but it's not like he's Bruce Coslet. He's had success when given talent.

Hat tip to molive4 for finding the link.