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Seahawks vs. Redskins Game Thread

Otto Greule Jr

Wildcard Weekend concludes with the Seattle Seahawks visiting the Washington Redskins. One of this year's star rookie quarterbacks is now gone. Andrew Luck was eliminated by the Baltimore Ravens earlier today. Now, another star rookie will also go home, while one advances to the final eight. The big story headed into this game is Russell Wilson against Robert Griffin III.

I think this comes down to the defenses, though. Seattle had the NFL's fourth ranked defense in the regular season. Washington had the fifth worst. Griffin also does not seem completely healthy. He still showed signs of being banged up last Sunday in Washington's game against the Cowboys. As much as it pains me to take Pete Carroll in this one, my money would be on Seattle. I like the Seahawks to win and go to play at the top seeded Atlanta Falcons next weekend.

Leave your thoughts below.

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