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New York Jets General Manager Rumors: Tom Gamble Pushes Back Interview With San Diego Chargers

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Albert Breer reports Tom Gamble has postponed an interview with the Chargers for their vacant general manager position.

Was told that Gamble pushed back Bolts interview for family considerations. Still ... He's cleared the decks for the Jets. Stay tuned.

This is the second team Gamble has postponed something with. He turned down a second interview with the Jaguars. Brian Bassett's report yesterday that Gamble to the Jets is a formality seems to continue picking up steam. It would be odd that Gamble would turn down opportunities to interview if he didn't feel very confident about his situation the Jets. It's not like the Jets are a terribly attractive job. There are only 32 jobs like this in the world so you have to take one when it presents itself, but it wouldn't make much sense for Gamble to say he was willing to risk not getting a job to wait on the Jets.