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Colts vs. Ravens Game Thread

Larry French

The Colts return to Baltimore for a Playoff game. The emotion of Chuckstrong. The emotion of Ray Lewis. Chuck Pagano returns to Baltimore. Jim Caldwell faces the Colts. Andrew Luck's first Playoff game. Can Joe Flacco finally get over the hump? The AFC Wild Card game today in Baltimore does not lack storylines.

It is tough to like the way the Ravens ended the season, but I do like them in this game. Andrew Luck has to do it all for the Colts. Asking a rookie to go out and win a road Playoff game by himself seems like a lot to ask even for somebody as good as Luck. I will be rooting for the Colts. It's really tough for anybody neutral to root against this Colts team, but I think the Ravens move on to face the Broncos. It sure would be great to see the Colts against Peyton Manning next week, though.

JB's Playoff Prediction Record: 2-0