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Bengals vs. Texans Game Thread

John Grieshop

The NFL Playoffs begin today with the same matchup that kicked off last year's Playoffs, the Cincinnati Bengals visit the Houston Texans. It is a bit of a surprise to see the rematch so early in the Playoffs. For much of the year it looked like the Texans would not only take the top seed in the AFC but that they would run away with it and lock it up early. Instead, here they are playing on the first weekend after a huge collapse to end the year.

The Bengals are playing well. The smart money seems to be on them. I like the Texans in this one, though. I'm just going with my gut. I feel like after the way they ended the season, they have a big game in them. The pressure of getting the top seed is off, and they are probably really angry about it. It isn't logical, but results in the NFL aren't logical.

Enjoy the game, and leave your thoughts below.