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Jets GM Rumor: Tom Gamble "Cemented" as New GM?

Rob Carr

Our friend Brian Bassett of The Jets Blog reports Tom Gamble is all but assured to be the new general manager of the Jets.

BREAKING: Source w/ knowledge of contracts tells TJB Jets have essentially "cemented" deal w/ Tom Gamble. Deal likely to run 3-4 yrs.

People have been skeptical that Gamble would want to come to the Jets, but there are only 32 such jobs in the world, and very few come available under ideal circumstances. In most cases, a new general manager is necessary because the old guy left the situation a mess and got fired.

If it is true, I'm satisfied and am willing to give Gamble a shot. The Jets seemed like they really did their homework. The process was good. They checked out numerous qualified candidates and found the one they felt best fit what they are trying to do. It was the anti-Sparano hire.

I will have more on this if it becomes official.