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New York Jets General Manager Candidate: John Dorsey


John Dorsey has spent his football career almost entirely with the Packers. He was a player in Green Bay from 1984 to 1989. He has also been a college scout with two stints as Director of College Scouting and became Director of Football Operations last year. He also spent a year as Director of Player Personnel for a year with the Seahawks and was a member of the NFL College Advisory Committee, which scouts underclassmen and tells them where to expect to be drafted if they come out.

Dorsey learned player evaluation studying under the legendary Ron Wolf. You never know how somebody will handle the extra responsibilities of being general manager, but Dorsey has a pretty sterling pedigree and resume. He oversaw scouting for fifteen years for a team that has nailed Draft picks early and late and been among the best teams in the league during that run. When everybody else ran away from Aaron Rodgers in 2005, the Packers grabbed him. Although he primarily has done work with the Draft, Dorsey also has pro personnel experience.

I would be very happy with Dorsey. The Jets are a team that needs to find young, cheap talent through the Draft. Dorsey has done as good of a job as anybody during his time in Green Bay.