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New York Jets Rumors: Gang Green Interested in Cam Cameron as Offensive Coordinator

Andy Lyons

Hat tip to Jake Steinberg for tweeting on an ESPN report linking the Jets to former Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.

ESPN: reached out to former Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron to gauge his interest in coming to the team to replace Sparano.

I really don't understand why the Jets don't put Sparano out of his misery. All indications are he won't be back. Cut him loose and let him get started looking for work. I hope this isn't another Schottenheimer situation where they are trying to find somebody to take him off the Jets' hands so the Jets don't have to pay.

I'm kind of mixed on Cameron. Some people act like he's another Schottenheimer/Sparano. He's not. He has built respectable offenses built around the power run game. He worked with Rex Ryan in Baltimore in 2008, and he seems to have the kind of style Rex wants and can actually do it reasonably well.

At the same time, there are better options out there. Cameron isn't going to turn the Jets into an offensive juggernaut. He really ought to be a fallback option as long as guys like Norv Turner and even Ken Whisenhunt and Chan Gailey are available.