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Potential Jets: Jason Campbell

Jed Jacobsohn

Every quarterback available tends to fall into one of two categories. One group is full of guys who do not make a ton of huge plays but protect the ball. The other is full of high-risk, high-reward style players. These guys make huge plays but couple them with huge mistakes. Anybody better than this is usually not available.

Jason Campbell fits the first category. His 2.4% interception rate is the tenth lowest in NFL history. Combine that with a 60.9% career completion percentage, 6.7 yards per attempt, and a 3.5% touchdown rate, and you have a quarterback who might not carry the load but one who does not kill his team with turnovers.

When you hear the phrase game manager, Campbell is a great example. He is good enough that if you surround him with talent, he can produce at a mid tier level. He will never be an elite quarterback. He is not accurate enough. He freezes too much in the face of pressure. He will not lose you a game, though, and can do enough to win under the right circumstances. An added bonus is he is used to picking up new playbooks. He has had ten offensive coordinators since college.

The Jets are going to have to find a flawed quarterback. Campbell is that. He also provides a warning of what could happen if the team does not improve its offensive talent. This year Campbell saw major action in two games as Jay Cutler's backup, against the Texans and against the 49ers. It was ugly. He is not the quarterback you want to go to war with against top defenses with Chicago's offensive line. When he has had more to work with in other spots, he has been capable. No matter who the Jets get, the offense needs to look better or that quarterback will fail.

Jason Campbell, free agent to be, is a much better quarterback than Mark Sanchez. He has played competently before. I think the Jets should view him as a serious option.