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Lex Hilliard: Stay or Go?


Lex Hilliard was signed by the Jets during the season. Hilliard had spent a few years played under Tony Sparano with the Dolphins. Like pretty much everything else Sparano brought to the team, this signing displayed the former offensive coordinator's anti-golden touch.

It is tough to think of what Hilliard really did well. He seemed to consistently whiff on run blocks. The fullback position above all else requires one to block well. He blew assignments as a pass blocker. Receiving is usually not terribly important for a fullback. In the new offense, it takes on extra significance. Hilliard had three drops on eight targets. At least as a runner he picked up four first downs, but that was nothing spectacular.

The search to replace Tony Richardson goes on. Fullbacks are not expensive. Unlike other positions, it will not be cost-prohibitive to find somebody new. There does not seem to be much reason to have Hilliard around to me. I vote go.