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Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Stepfan Taylor, RB, Stanford

Today we will take a look at my favorite RB in the draft. This Stanford RB is someone we should all get to know by draft day.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Stepfan Taylor

Class: Senior

Position: RB

Height/Weight: 5'11"/208

Projected 40: 4.55


Rushing Yards: 1530

Rushing TDs: 13

Rushing AVG: 4.75

Receiving Yards: 287

Receiving TDs: 2

Receiving AVG: 7.00


Taylor is my favorite RB in the draft for a reason. He is by far the most complete back coming out this year. I have gone through hours of his tape, and have found that he excels at every aspect of the position. He can run between the tackles with authority and patience, while having the quickness to bounce it outside and turn the corner. Stepfan's hands are also very reliable. His 287 receiving yards, and 2 receiving TDs speak for themselves. Taylor is a 3 down back that can carry the load. Stepfan doesn't need to have the ball in his hands to be a vital aspect of the offense. His pass protection is amongst the best at his position. My favorite aspect of Taylor's game is his vision, and ability to make the move to daylight. Taylor's medical history is a favorable one. He hasn't missed a game yet during his last two season, despite getting the bulk of the load.


Even though Stepfan does everything very well, he doesn't master any one aspect of his game. He won't run over defenders as efficiently as a Lacy or a Bell. He won't run away from defenders like a Barner or Gio. I am trying very hard to think of some other negatives for Taylor, but there are none coming to mind.

Stepfan Taylor and the Jets

If you ask most people what went wrong with our offense, they would probably tell you it was Sanchez. If you look closer at the talent level surrounding Sanchez, you will notice a drop off every year. This offseason will need to be filled with moves and picks, focusing on bringing talent back to the offense. I hope that we have seen the last of Greene falling forward for a yard or two. Even when he did hit a whole well, it was almost like he was surprised he made it that far, and would go down soon after. Even though his receiving skills have improved, he isn't a 3rd down back we want or need.

Enter Marty Mornhinweg... Marty brings with him a West coast offense. The RB position won't be used the same way we have been using it the last 4 years under Rex. The offense will now be focused more on the passing game. RBs in a WCO need to be able very well rounded. The running aspect is important, but with a passing focus, receiving skill are a must.

Taylor would fit perfectly in this WCO. Taylor is a great blocker, and can sneak out of the backfield to be a receiver. Stepfan's versatility make him the perfect weapon to have. When we do run the ball, Taylor's vision and quickness through the hole can eat up yards very quickly. Along with Powell, and McKnight, this could be a very good WCO RB group.

Stepfan's stock has been rising lately, which is not a good thing. In my opinion, he is the best RB in the draft. I would easily take him at the end of the 1st. I am sort of hoping he has a very average combine and pro day. He can let the Gios and the Barners blow up the 40. He can let the Lacys kill it in the strength sections. Taylor's ability to be a good player at everything, will elevate his play, and make him a vey dangerous weapon for our offense.