Making The Case For Aaron Murray



If Aaron Murray declares for the draft, many will consider him to be the top quarterback option. Many are saying that he will be NFL ready from the get-go. Some are saying that he's as good, if not better than Matt Stafford. Murray is a valuable pick who's projected to go either late in the first round or somewhere in the second or third round.

Murray has been a stellar player since his days at national football powerhouse Plant High in Tampa. Rivals gave him a four star rating, naming him the third best pro-style quarteback in his class. Ahead of Murray were quarterbacks Garrett Gilbert and Matt Barkley. Murray has outplayed both quarterbacks.

Murray has been a three year SEC starter who has progressed in each season (view his statistics here Murray had a stellar season this year throwing for 36 touchdowns. He is a knowledgable quarterback who can analyze defenses and make smart assessments.

Mel Kiper advises that Murray stays for another year. He feels that unless Murray is a guaranteed first rounder he should opt to go back. Kiper also is critical of Murray's performance in big games. He did play well against Alabama, but has been questionable at other times Both points are fair, however Murray has three years of starting experience. Many complain that Sanchez was not primed to leave college. Sanchez only started one year in the Pac-12. Three 3,000+ passing years against the best defenses in the nation will prove your worth.

If Murray were to come out in this draft I feel that he would be the top quarterback prospect. Next year he would possibly have to battle Teddy Bridgewater for that honor. Bridgewater is far more physically gifted than Murray (6'3'' 218lbs vs 6'1'' 210lbs) and is gaining hype quickly.

Murray is criticized for his size, however he has a fairly strong arm. Murray was surrounded by great players at Georgia and Plant High. It will be difficult for him to have to work with a unit with weaker skill players. I spoke with Mike Francesca on WFAN and he had high praise for Murray, but felt that he was still a later pick.

It would be a high risk to take Murray in the first round, but one could argue the theory high risk, high reward. I feel that Murray should be taking by the Jets if he is available in the second round. I would be much more comfortable with a fresh face who has a high ceiling instead of a turnover/injury prone option like Mike Vick.

The tie to Sanchez has to be cut. He is a beaten man who has no assertion. He has been the "butt" (no pun intended) of NY media jokes and has been bailed out too many times. It would be healthiest for him to try to reach an ultimatum with the Jets front office to reach a trade. The Jets need to bite the bullet and pay up for their mistake. The move would benefit Sanchez, allowing him to reevaluate his career somewhere else.

This is probably unlikely, but it would ideal. If Murray is available at a later pick the Jets should capitalize, and shop Sanchez for possible picks. It is lofty to compare Murray to players like Stafford, but it shows his value. Even Loftier was Kiper's idea that Murray would draw Drew Brees comparions. If he can be anywhere near both quarterbacks, he'll find success. Hopefully Murray analyzes his options and makes the proper choice.

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