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Against All Odds

Jim McIsaac

Which player performed against the odds this season? That's what Gillette is asking on its Facebook page this week. As you know, Gillette is a GGN sponsor, which means it performs against the odds by being a perfect razor company. Think of the coolest person you know. They use Gillette.

I can't come up with a Jet who performed well against the odds. I can think of plenty of Jets who defied odds with poor play, but let's not go there. Antonio Cromartie is one of the most physically gifted players in the league. He was coming off a great 2011 season where he was one of the best cornerbacks in the league. It's tough to say his season defied the odds. First round picks are supposed to have breakout second years after they have an offseason of training and get their sea legs. Muhammad Wilkerson didn't really defy any odds. Are we going to go with a punter like Robert Malone or somebody like Austin Howard or Bilal Powell who beat extremely modest odds?

I'm going with the fans of this team. Despite not being given much to feel good about, many Jets fans continued to loyally follow this team to the bitter end and supported it. The team didn't give them anything to feel good about. Anybody could justify quitting on the season. Many fans refused to do so against all odds.