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New York Jets Fire Strength and Conditioning Coach Bill Hughan

Matt Sullivan

The Jets are parting ways with strength and conditioning coach Bill Hughan.

The Jets have fired strength and conditioning coach Bill Hughan, according to a report from ESPN.


The ESPN report says that the Jets have had the highest injury rate on the team since 2005. Starters this year missed 54 games with a variety of injuries.

Thirty-one players ended up on the season-ending injury report including six on injured reserve.

Before people start talking about how much Alosi is missed, just remember he was here during that 2005 season when the Jets suffered injuries at an incredible rate that lost the season.

This change might be justified, but Hughan feels like a fall guy here. If players aren't in the right kind of shape, I put that on the head coach. He needs to know how to work the players in practice to get them into the proper condition.

And if this team is now making changes to the staff ahead of the new general manager, why is Tony Sparano still employed?