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Jets in Violation of League's Media Policy!

Earlier today Rich Cimini penned an article stating that the New York Jets are in breach of the leagues media policy by delaying their end of season news conference to discuss the past and future of the team.

Al Bello

There is no doubt that the Jets have just finished one of the worst seasons in recent memory, not only in terms of wins and losses but in every other aspect as well. We had devastating injuries, poor performance, coaching – puzzling press conferences, anonymous sources leaking information and the whole Tebow saga that cannot be forgotten soon enough.

The media that cover this team were of course disappointed that they could not discuss – no bait the owner or coach into making any statements that would create hits and cause headlines. On the back of a poor season is the perfect opportunity to get some sound bites that can further humiliate this organization.

Instead Rex Ryan has taken a well deserved and much needed break to the Bahamas – Woody Johnson has jetted off to refresh ahead of the General Manger interview that will be conducted this weekend, deciding not to immediately address the media, and instead decided to meet with the media 9 days after the season ended, which is just outside the league regulations for meeting with the media. Shock horror! However will they create hits and headlines – I’m sure they have their sources!

The way the media treat this team, I’m not surprised the organization has shunned them and their sensational journalistic style in favour or rest and relaxation.

For one I am delighted that they have waited this long, I don’t want any silly poorly thought remarks making headlines. I want a well thought out reasoned response to the events of this year, as that is the way you put 2012 behind you and move onto 2013. 2012 may be a great subject for hits, but 2013 is a great subject for the organization. So we may get a smack on the bottom from the league, we certainly don’t need that or want it - but at the end of the day I’ll take it over the alternative.

The professional football writers of America have of course lodged a complaint with the league and the matter is being looked into.