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JaMarcus Russell Will Not Be a Jet

Ezra Shaw

Conor Orr follows up his earlier reporting about the Jets discussing JaMarcus Russell by saying the team will not pursue that player.

Per person w/ knowledge of plans, no interest in Russell. Reported Monday there were some very informal discussions. No interest tho

It was my guess that the name came up from somebody and was probably quickly dismissed. That was the only sensible outcome. With this team, you can never say for sure, though. The Jets have made nonsensical decision into an art form recently. The whole Tim Tebow saga started out as a rumor that nobody took seriously. You never know when there is fire beyond the smoke.

The starting quarterback for the Jets is unlikely to be very good, but they can at least find somebody with the potential to be serviceable. That certainly is not JaMarcus Russell. That guy might not even been good enough for a roster spot in the Arena League.