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Jets Looking at JaMarcus Russell?

Ezra Shaw

Conor Orr says the Jets are exploring signing JaMarcus Russell.

Idzik said he planned on keeping Tannenbaum’s personnel department in place, too, which means that those same eyes are still present in the team’s front office.

More recently, after Tannenbaum was let go, members of the organization had some very exploratory, informal discussions regarding former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell, the 2007 No. 1 overall pick who flamed out of the NFL after the 2009 season. Russell recently decided to mount a comeback in hopes of returning to the league next season

Score another one for the people in the front office. Let's just hope these discussions involved somebody bringing up the possibility of signing Russell and everybody else laughing that guy out of the room.

I have a very tough time imagining the Jets ever bringing Russell in. I just wonder what goes through the minds of some of the people in the front office for giving even a second of thought to such a ridiculous idea.