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Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: Kenny Stills, WR, Oklahoma

Scouting one of Oklahoma's top pass-catchers.

Ronald Martinez

This week, us at bring you a detailed, first-hand scouting report of Oklahoma receiver Kenny Stills.

Prospect: Kenny Stills, WR, Oklahoma
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 189
Grade: 7.0 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

- Not slow, but lacks elite speed.
+ Fast in and out of breaks.
+ Good body control in the air.
+ Fluid runner.
+ Good holding balance after making catch, leading to yards after the catch.

Route Running
+ Great acceleration in and out of breaks creates separation.
+ Makes on-the-fly adjustments to his route.
+ Good explosion off the line.
+ Sets up CB in off coverage.
- Not overly precise planting his foot to explode out of breaks.
- Not much experience against press coverage.

+ Great at high-pointing the ball, despite average size.
- Not overly physical.
- Bit of a body catcher on shorter routes.
+ Tracks deep balls well .
- Sometimes shows a lack of effort on poorly-thrown passes.

Running / Return Ability
- Lacks elite break-away speed
+ Good balance and agility
- Not used in the return game.
+ Works well along the sideline.


Kenny Stills is an interesting prospect in that his style of play does go in accordance with his size. He plays much bigger than he is, making plays tracking deep passes.

Still, he is a solid route-runner that is quick in and out of his breaks, making him an ideal fit for the slot position with his average size.While he does a great job in jump-ball situations, he tends to be a body catcher when he does not have to use his hands, particularly on shorter passes. He also has limited experience against press coverage.

There are some off-field concerns to look into as well, as Stills got a DUI in 2011 and is known as being a person with a negative attitude. However, he still has a skill set that translates into a receiver that could have an immediate impact at the NFL level, even if his ceiling is a bit low because of his underwhelming measurables .

Stills is "good" in a lot of areas, but he is just not exceptional in any part of his game to separate him as a prospect. In the end, I see Stills being a day 2 pick and able to make an impact on any receiver-needy team right away, but he simply does not have the physical tools to develop into a stud down the line.

Scouting Notes

vs. Notre Dame
- Solid block on bubble screen, stays engaged long enough to spring Saunders
- Reading coverage and sitting down in the zone coverage, nice job working the sideline
- Getting separation at the top of his comeback routes, but has yet to break anything yet
- Second time in a row he has body caught the ball, almost bounced it off his pads
- Doesn’t stem his slant-fade route in the redzone properly, gets himself too close to sideline and essentially takes himself out of the play

vs. Texas A&M (Cotton Bowl)
–showed excellent hand/eye coordination on some sideline throws
–used a quick stop/start move after a leaping catch to get extra yards
–gave excellent effort to get inside on bad long throw, drew pass interference
–dropped TD throw in his hands with step on defender
–strong downfield block on a Brown reception
–called for pass interference when he extended his arms, though he was being held by corner

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