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Cashing In Darrelle Revis For All He's Worth

Gregory Shamus

We reported earlier that the New York Jets are exploring a trade for CB Darrelle Revis, per Jason LaCanfora. Mike Freeman is now reporting that a "gold rush" is forming among teams to trade for Revis, as you can read about here.

I can't imagine any scenario in which they trade Revis to the New England Patriots, unless it's for every first round pick they have in the next five years. I think the Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Falcons, or Tampa Bay Buccaneers are more likely targets.

If the Jets can get a Herschel Walker-type deal, which you can read about here, or a Ricky Williams-type deal, which you can read about here, that would be a dream scenario. There are so many holes on this team and a raft of draft picks would help alleviate that, especially with so many cap concerns. As many of you know, the 2013 NFL Draft isn't very top-heavy, its value lies in the middle of the draft. There are a significant number of great players that will be available in the 2nd-to-4th rounds.

No matter what, I won't be happy if Revis is no longer a Jet. But the pain will definitely be mitigated if the Jets can land a significant number of picks in a blockbuster trade. With only nine starters under contract and little cap space to sign players, as John Idzik said yesterday, the draft will be the best way to solve the crisis.