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Potential Jets: Tarvaris Jackson

Kevork Djansezian

Tarvaris Jackson is a name that has picked up steam lately in that in the past two years he has been signed by a team with John Idzik in its front office and had David Lee as his position coach. Using this as reasoning for predicting Jackson will be a Jet is a bit thin. Idzik's team traded Jackson after a year. Lee's team got poor quarterback play but never once inserted Jackson into the starting lineup. It is unclear either is a big fan, and circumstantial evidence suggests neither is.

With that said, Jackson is likely to be available at the quarterback position for cheap. Playing with Adrian Peterson taking the load off him in Minnesota, for a stretch he played adequate ball. Jackson is pretty mobile. Think a little bit better version of Mark Sanchez before the implosion. He has the production of a game manager with the turnovers of a gunslinger. That is not a great combination. Like pre-implosion Sanchez, Jackson is a guy who seems to need everything working around him at a top level for the team to have success. Sadly, that is actually better than a number of quarterbacks in the league, including the current version of Sanchez. With Jackson, you will get a completion percentage in the neighborhood of 60% and an average of around 7 yards per pass. That is pedestrian, especially when you add in a high interception rate. The situation is not very good right now, however, and Jackson becomes an option.

I do not think Jackson should be brought in to start. If the Jets want to bring him in as a backup, that is all right but not great news. I would not heartily object to the Jets having Sanchez, Jackson, and two other stopgap veterans in camp for a wide open competition to see if they can catch lightning in a bottle and get a career year out of somebody. I think bringing in Jackson would not be the worst move in the world, but it would be a heck of a lot closer to that than it would be a good move.