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John Idzik Introductory Press Conference Open Thread


John Idzik meets the New York press today. Whoever planted that story about the Jets exploring options to trade Darrelle Revis just made this a lot less comfortable for Idzik than it otherwise would be. Questions about Revis are likely to dominate the early portion of the press conference.

It will be interesting to see how Idzik handles those and other questions. We can probably expect to hear something of a mission statement from Idzik that will offer some kind of broad view into how he will function as general manager of the Jets, what kind of team he will look to build, the qualities he will look for in players, and how he will manage the salary cap. It will not provide a ton of insight, but we will know more than we do now.

Bonus question: Who will be the reporter to ask a question about Rex Ryan's recent traffic incident?