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New York Jets to Explore Trading Darrelle Revis

Per Jason LaCanfora, the New York Jets are looking to make a deal.

Robert Laberge

Cue the panic.

According to Jason LaCanfora, the New York Jets are exploring a trade involving CB Darrelle Revis, unquestionably the best cornerback in the league and arguably the best in the history of the National Football League. We've discussed this possibility at length, but I was praying it wouldn't come to this. You just don't trade the G.O.A.T. and such a game-changer. I suspect the NYJ were led to believe that they could have the #2 pass defense without Revis, so they might as well get something out of him if they can. I believe that would be a huge mistake. Rex Ryan's defense relies so heavily on top-CB play that another injury would be devastating to the team, barring the signing of another top cornerback.

When you think of the NYJ, you think of Revis. He is one of the best players to ever wear the uniform, and his loss would be devastating. Now, this could simply be a negotiation tactic with his agents. I'm hoping it's just that, and there really is no intention to deal him.

We'll have more as soon as we find out more information.