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Potential Jets: Matt Flynn

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Jets hired John Idzik as general manager, speculation has started that Matt Flynn might be an option for Gang Green at quarterback. A year ago, Idzik's Seahawks made a big move to grab Flynn.

Flynn's career to date creates more questions than answers. He has put up monster numbers in two career starts, but that is a small sample size in the Green Bay offense against bad pass defenses. He was groomed by the McCarthy/Philbin/Clements combo, but when Joe Philbin had a chance to bring him to Miami, he did not make the move. Flynn lost the starting job in Seattle to Russell Wilson, but Wilson is a franchise quarterback. Failing to beat somebody that good out for the starting job does not necessarily mean Flynn is bad.

My feeling on Flynn as a target has evolved a bit. His contract really is not that bad. He has two years left on his deal. His 2013 salary is under $6 million, not bad for a starting quarterback. He also has no guaranteed money in 2014, which means cutting him would be pretty painless after one year. The risk is really not terrible.

The Jets are not in a position to make big ticket moves. Flynn probably has the highest immediate upside of any quarterback potentially on the market or in the Draft. The fact he has worked in an offense with similar fundamentals to the one the Jets are installing is a plus. He is the most likely available guy to come in and play well. The Jets are beginning a rebuilding process that is going to take time. If they gave Flynn a one year audition while they worked on the foundation, it would not hurt things. They could potentially end up making the transition period less painful. If they can add a few good offensive players in the Draft to help Flynn, that with a Rex Ryan defense could make things watchable while the team is building. It could make the rebuilding process easier.

It comes down to me whether Seattle is willing to give him up. That is unclear. A team that views itself as a contender like the Seahawks might not want to give up a backup quarterback. With Wilson making well below market value for a franchise quarterback, they can afford to carry an expensive backup for next year. I am not a fan of the Jets trading Draft picks, but for a potentially good quarterback I would be willing to do so at the right price. I would not give up a guaranteed pick in the top two to three rounds for a risk like Flynn. Those picks are too good of a chance to add a good player at value. I would be willing to part with a conditional pick starting with a fifth to sixth rounder if Flynn did not play 70-80% of the snaps sliding up depending on how far the team went.

For a team that has no prospects at quarterback, I could think of worse ideas than giving somebody who has shown flashes like Flynn at the right price. What do you think?