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2013 NFL Draft Trade Ideas - Stocking Up on Picks


Hey folks. It's still early for draft talk, but there are, as always, a number of our readers that are clamoring for the New York Jets to trade back in the first round and accumulate draft picks. For those of you who don't know, trades rarely just "come together" during the draft. The foundation for the talks are set months before, many times as early as the Senior Bowl (which is this coming week), when scouts and front office personnel come together. They can begin as simply as, "We're open for trading our pick, let us know," and they can build steam in the time leading up to the draft. With that in mind, here are a few trade scenarios for the Jets, who currently hold the 9th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. I wanted to keep them realistic, as you won't find the Green Bay Packers or New York Giants trading up dramatically:

Carolina Panthers - The Panthers need playmakers to help Cam Newton out, especially with Steve Smith getting up their in age. They had a disappointing season this year, so they may be willing to take a leap to take Newton to the next level. Trade down with the Panthers for the 14th pick in the draft. Using this Draft Value Chart, we can see that the 9th pick is worth 1,350 points. The Panthers' is worth 1,100, so the balance should net the Jets a 3rd and a 5th. Consider G Chance Warmack at this position.

Dallas Cowboys - If you can count on any team to make a big splash, it's the Cowboys, who had a frustrating season which ended with the (unjust, in my opinion) firing of Rob Ryan. With so many defensive players coming off injured years, they may be willing to deal. Trade down with Dallas for 18th pick. Using the Draft Value Chart, this pick is worth 900 points, which should give the Jets a second rounder, a fifth, and a sixth rounder. Consider ILB Arthur Brown at this position.

St. Louis Rams - The Rams are in a bad spot. They don't have many playmakers, and while they have a good defense, their offense desperately needs help, especially on the offensive line. They may be willing to trade up to take Chance Warmack or Eric Fisher. Trade down with the Rams for the 22nd pick, which is worth 780 points, and should net the Jets a second, third, and fifth rounder. Consider Zac Dysert (yes, I would gladly take Dysert in the 20-25 range) or Kevin Minter in this position.

Another idea I've been playing with was to trade Antonio Cromartie to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who desperately need cornerbacks. Cromartie's value will never be higher than it is now, and trading him will open up considerable cap space. The Jets traded a conditional third round pick, which became a second rounder, for the cornerback. With that in mind, and with Cromartie playing the best football of his career, or at least since 2007, the Jets may be able to get a second and a fifth rounder for him. This would open up desperately needed cap space, and give the Jets some additional draft picks, which they sorely need.

What trades would you be open to? Please be as specific, and realistic, as you can.

Edit: I just got a clarification from Jason of, and trading Cromartie would save the Jets an additional $8.25 million.