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Rex Ryan To Address The Media Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The long Rex national media blackout nightmare is over.

Rick Stewart

According to multiple sources, including Connor Orr of the Star Ledger, Rex Ryan and Woody Johnson will finally address reporters on Tuesday, January 8 to wrap up the end of the Jets season.

Rex's press conference to wrap up the season, originally scheduled for Monday, December 31, 2012, was abruptly canceled, with no reason given by the Jets, and we have been patiently waiting since for Rex to come out of hiding. The delay until Tuesday apparently constitutes a violation of league policy, which states:

"Every team is required to 1) open its locker room for player interviews the day after the season ends and 2) hold a news conference during the week following the end of its season with its head coach, and/or owner, and/or club president, and/or general manager. The purpose is to respond to fan interest in the conclusion of the team’s season."

This announcement by the Jets suggests that there may be a new GM in place by Monday, as previously rumored. If so, it would seem like a rather whirlwind pace is required in order to fit in interviews with all of the half dozen or so candidates for the position already announced, as well as internal meetings to discuss which candidate best suits the Jets needs, negotiations over salary, authority, and other contract matters, and actually getting the contract drafted and signed. As far as is known at this time, no interviews have yet taken place, yet all of this would have to be tied up within 5 days. This seems an unlikely schedule to me, but stranger things have happened with the Jets.

At any rate, by Tuesday we will all hear from Rex. It will be interesting to hear what he has to say.