Why we should cut ties with Santonio Holmes

Why we should cut ties with Santonio Holmes

Production - Santonio has often been seen as our best weapon but his statistics suggest he is just an average receiver. In fact his overall statistics look eerily similar to Braylon Edwards.

Santonio Holmes

2006 16 49 86 824 16.8 67 2 41 0 0
2007 13 52 85 942 18.1 83 8 42 1 0
2008 15 55 114 821 14.9 48 5 40 2 1
2009 16 79 138 1,248 15.8 57 5 63 0 0
2010 12 52 94 746 14.3 52 6 36 0 0
2011 16 51 102 654 12.8 38 8 34 2 1
2012 4 20 41 272 13.6 38 1 15 1 1
Career 92 358 660 5,507 15.4 83 35 271 6 3

Braylon Edwards

2005 10 32 - 512 16.0 80 3 22 0 0
2006 16 61 125 884 14.5 75 6 38 0 0
2007 16 80 154 1,289 16.1 78 16 57 3 2
2008 16 55 139 873 15.9 70 3 42 0 0
2009 4 10 23 139 13.9 24 0 10 0 0
2009 12 35 72 541 15.5 65 4 27 1 1
2010 16 53 102 904 17.1 74 7 40 1 1
2011 9 15 34 181 12.1 24 0 9 0 0
2012 3 10 18 125 12.5 19 0 8 0 0
2012 10 8 18 74 9.3 16 1 4 0 0
Career 112 359 685 5,522 15.4 80 40 257 5 4

Initially looking into the numbers you see that Braylon has more games played that is because he has been in the league 1 year longer and is 1 year older, but if you focus on overall production starting with Targets it looks very similar (Also please keep in mind that Edwards had much worse QB play to deal with in Derek Anderson, Charlie Frye, and Brady Quinn VS. Holmes with Roethliesberger). Both have had a high in receiving yards at about 1250 yards. Neither has crossed the 1000 yard mark besides one year. Also, you may say that Holmes is more explosive but Braylon has put together many longer receptions (80, 75, 78, 70, 65, 74) whereas Holmes has just an 83 and 67 yard reception as his highs. Next, Holmes topped out at 8 TD's in his overall high (2 times) where Braylon has had a 16 TD season and next best a 7 TD season. Overall, Santonio Holmes is paid like a top wide out in the league but really is just another average one. I would venture to say that with Jeremy Kerley's ability and continued development he could eclipse Holmes production really soon. Logically, would you rather have a young developing receiver with potential and pretty similar measurables in Kerley or an older malcontent with similar measurable coming off surgery in Holmes?

Attitude - Holmes came to us for a 5th round pick from the Steelers. The Steelers are a team that runs the correct type of organization. If any team has a pulse on the locker room it is them and to unload what we perceive as a talent for a 5th round pick means that he was either really not that good or that he was not a team player and his selfishness was too hard to ignore. Here are some examples of this attitude showing up for the Jets: refusing to finish practice because he said he wasn't ready for all the reps (you are a professional act like it), refusing to turn off his ipod on a team flight, refusing to show up for offensive meetings last year, getting kicked out of the huddle against Miami (you know it's bad when Wayne Hunter is throwing you out of a huddle), plus the numerous divisive comments he feeds the media, and most recently even when he got injured (I know it had to hurt) he takes the ball and throws it the Niners defense for a free touchdown without even the slightest thought about the game but completely focused on himself. Let me ask you this question, do you think a Wayne Chrebet or even a Jerrico Cotchery would have just thrown the ball in the air? This is just with the Jets! For the Steelers he had disorderly conduct, domestic violence twice, possession of Marijuana, and a suspension for Marijuana (I know it's just pot, but seriously get it under control). If it is a second chance then I am all for it but this is like a sixth chance and he needs to be held accountable. I dislike the Patriots just as much as anyone but they do a ton of things right, and do you think even for a second The Hoodie would have put up with this. Holmes would have been sent to Oakland years ago. On top of this it sends a message to your team that no matter who you are or how big your contract is, Team is first. You would immediately see these anonymous sources start to fade away if you run your team like this and it could be a great start at that by telling Holmes good bye. This, to me, is invaluable.

Money - 12.5 million dollars is what Holmes costs us next year, a man with similar stats to Braylon Edwards who is earning right around the vet minimum. 12.5 million is a number that is more than Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Roddy White, etc. costs for 2013. Holmes is not even in the ballpark of these talents, not even close. If we cut him we save 1.25 million which we can find some way to use or at least help give us some cap relief. That money could be used for overall depth, or just about anything. With so many holes on our team and the albatross that is Mark Sanchez's contract every little bit will help and we can make that money useful.

Replacement- With Holmes it is more addition by subtraction than anything else, getting rid of the attitude and the me first mentality is the first addition. Next I would look to a more holistic approach in getting Kerley up to the next level in develpment, truly working to develop Hill (usually it takes a receiver a year and a half to start making an impact), possibly resigning Edwards because you can probably get nearly the same production as Holmes at the close to the vet minimum, and adding people with soft hands around the ball club. That means adding backs that can actually catch, maybe looking at a tight end or even two in the draft (if you let Keller walk) essentially diversifying your passing options rather than trying to rely on one perceived guy.

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