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Jets important dates for the 2012-1013 offseason.

The season may be over but the offseason hot stove here at GGN will be cranking throughout the winter. We'll take a look at some of the more important dates for this Jets offseason.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Monday January 7th 2013: BCS Championship. This game features a bunch of guys that would be attractive to the Jets. Plus it's going to be possibly the two biggest and most storied franchises going at each other. (no disrespect to any Michigan fans or USC fans out there)

January 26 2013: Senior Bowl: The annual game shows us the best of college talent. Look for players stocks to rise, fall, and rocket during this game. Provides a good setting to see how some players do against other top talent.

January 27 2013: Pro Bowl: Gives us a chance to look at some players and also our guys while they play for kicks and grins. But in reality it's a really crappy football game that means nothing.

Sunday February 3rd 2013: The puppy bowl. sigh, just another Super Bowl not featuring the Jets.

February 20-26 2013: Scouting Combine: The three day event tests players in every facet of the game from strength,(bench) to smarts (Wonderlic) to speed (40 yard dash). Another time to evaluate talent.

March 12 2013: NFL free agency: Teams will try to outbid each other for certain players. The Jets probably will go after one or two players but remain mostly quiet early on. Expect some big names to move around though.

April 25-27 NFL Draft: "And now screwing up the next pick of the draft, the New York Jets."

Other non specific dates:

Any new coaches are allowed to speak to their players and give them playbooks but must not talk to them about it individually until April. Also players cannot meet up and use facilities until later in the offseason and no coaches are able to give advice during this. The new rules could be tweaked though.

OTA's generally begin in late May and early June, followed by training camp opening generally sometime in Mid-to-late July. (dates won't be released until later)

Stick with us during the next weeks as we cover the Jets from every angle.