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Scouting The 2013 NFL Draft: Levine Toilolo, TE, Stanford

Now that a GM is in place, it's time to really heat up the scouting series we do here at GGN. We are now over 20 prospects scouted and we still have three months to go. So lets focus on a Stanford tight end.

Catching a 3 yard touchdown!
Catching a 3 yard touchdown!
Thearon W. Henderson


Levine Toilolo (pronounced La-Veen Toy-lo-lo) may not be the most known prospect entering the 2013 NFL draft, in fact he probably isn't the most known Stanford Tight End entering the draft, but he has a skill set that could make him appealing to a lot of teams. A highly touted 4 star recruit out of California, Levine chose to play his football for the Cardinals. Toilolo did have the option to return to Stanford this year due to a medical redshirt year in 2010, however he has chosen instead to enter the draft and take the big step.


Height: 6'8

Weight: 265lb's

Projected 40: 4.82

Position: Tight End

School: Stanford University

Grade: Senior


Receiving G Rec Yards Yds/Rec Long TD Yds/G
2009 0 0 0 -- 0 0 --
2010 1 1 27 27.0 27 0 27.0
2011 13 25 343 13.7 41 6 26.4
2012 13 24 393 16.4 46 4 30.2
TOTAL 27 50 763 15.3 46 10 28.3


Start as we always do, very good work ethic and is active in the local community. No known background issues or run-ins with the law. Has excellent height and good bulk which make him a match-up nightmare, although he does not possess elite speed, he does have very long strides which help him gain separation. First and foremost his inline blocking is elite, it's among the best I've ever seen. He gets off the ball quickly and sets his base effectively playing with good pad level. Has long arms and good initial pop to create running lanes. Finishes his blocks well and works to the second level. Head always on a swivel in pass protection, and his long arms allow him to interfere with speed rushers around the outside, bulk and base allow him to work against power rushers. Has excellent ball skills and soft hands, good red zone target who goes up and gets the ball. Uses his bulk to shield the football and although he won't run away from many people, arm tackles will not bring him down. Always catches the football away from his body, and can track the ball well. Makes catches on balls not thrown with the best accuracy due to wide wingspan and height.


He missed the entire 2010 season with an ACL tear in his right knee. Doesn't have the elite speed to run away from people and isn't explosive getting off the snap when running routes. Will need to show more burst getting out of cuts to get true separation at the next level. Still working to get his route running and pass catching instincts to the level of his run blocking. Not elusive in the open field and is very much a straight line runner when he has the ball in his hands.


I really like Levine as a prospect. He worked in a 3 man tight end set with Zach Ertz and Coby Fleener which was almost impossible to defend. He hasn't caught as many passes as some would like, but that will happen when you have as much talent at the position as Stanford does. His blocking is just elite and the red zone target factor sold me on him straight away. He is a reliable pass catcher and his ability to make plays and box defenders out make him an interesting prospect. I think the Jets need a tight end capable of blocking and catching a pass, and Toilolo is definitely it.

Would I Draft Him For The Jets?

Without any hesitation, I really like Stanford tight ends and Levine is no different. I would take him in the 4th if still available, if we do trade down and end up with a late 3rd round pick, he would also get consideration. A team could fall in love with his size and blocking and draft him in the 2nd or early 3rd. He would fill multiple roles for us, pass catching tight end, an excellent blocker and a red-zone target.