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The (Twitter) Response to John Idzik

What do people that know John Idzik have to say about him?

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

I've gathered a few responses to the news that the New York Jets have hired John Idzik as General Manager. I'll be honest with you. There aren't many negative responses to Idzik, and I looked hard for them. The few that I found came either from a few local beat reporters (who mostly seemed perturbed at his business background than actually knowing him) and fans. I wasn't able to find any from any national or other reputable sources. He seems extremely well-regarded around the league, but if any of you can find quotes from people not a beat reporter or a fan criticizing the hire, please post it.

One interesting thing is how much agents seem to love Idzik. I've seen half a dozen on Twitter praise the hire. They say he respects players, and he treats agents well. This, apparently, is not the norm. It's also interesting because of how frugal the Seattle Seahawks have been under Idzik... it's not like they're handing out massive contracts left and right.