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John Idzik Is The New Jets General Manager

The Jets finally ended their GM search on Friday afternoon, reportedly hiring John Idzik.


Per Jason LaCanfora:

Our long New York/New Jersey nightmare is over!

Here is a good profile on Idzik.

Thank you to Jed Hughes of Korn/Ferry, and of course, Woody Johnson. This was refreshing to see how thorough the New York Jets were and that they left no stone unturned. I'm also thrilled how well they kept a wrap on this, and gave the media nothing to work with. All of the conflicting reports indicate there really was no leak in the organization, a fresh change of pace. I'm very excited to see what Idzik can do. Some are going to be critical of the hire, others will revel in it. What do you all think?

Edit: Please ignore any lazy analysis that relegates Idzik to being "just" a cap guy. It's factually incorrect. Please read our profiles of him before you judge him.