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New York Jets Offensive Coordinator Rumors: Shurmur and Lombardi

Sean Gardner

There are reports that the New York Jets are interviewing Pat Shurmur, the former head coach of the Cleveland Browns, for the job of offensive coordinator today. Another report indicates they have already interviewed Joe Lombardi, the QB Coach of the New Orleans Saints and the grandson of NFL legend Vince Lombardi.

As we've reported earlier, no OC will be hired until after a general manager is hired. That said, Shurmur would be a lateral move in the vein of Brian Schottenheimer to Tony Sparano. I saw one person joke that he is the Mark Sanchez of play-callers. I think that's apt. Lombardi on the other hand would be much more interesting. I'm not sure exactly how much credit he can be given for Drew Brees' awesomeness, but he's definitely an improvement from Shurmur.

What's striking to me is how thorough the Jets are being in their OC search, as they have been in the GM search. Unlike last year, they're not focusing in on one guy and rushing to hire him. They're taking their time and uncovering every stone. They've expressed interest in at least half a dozen candidates. Lombardi and Pep Hamilton are great ideas. Let's hope they can continue that trend.