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Jets GM Rumors: John Idzik the Clear Favorite

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today Brian Bassett reported John Idzik was the favorite to land the Jets general manager job. Adam Schefter corroborates this report and says he could be offered the job shortly.

Seattle executive John Idzik has emerged as clear frontrunner to become Jets' new GM and could be offered the job as early as tonight.

I think a lot of people just want the search over. I don't care about that as much as I care about the Jets hiring a good candidate. Years from now, nobody will remember how long the search took. All that anybody will remember is the performance of the guy the Jets hired. All indications seem to be that it will be Idzik assuming both that he wants the job and can agree with what the Jets are going to offer him.

Earlier today, Costello said no announcement would happen until tomorrow. That only refers to when the Jets will make their decision public. They could easily come to an agreement tonight.