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Cleveland Browns Officially Hire Norv Turner

Stephen Dunn

It did not look like he was going to be a realistic target for the Jets, but Norv Turner is officially the new offensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns.

have named Norv Turner offensive coordinator, team announced. It was expected.

That's disappointing but not surprising. He was probably the best candidate available for an offensive coordinator job. It is a bit of a surprise he did not pick a better situation, but the word had been that he had little interest in the Jets.

Even though Norv is officially off the table, the Jets still have a number of good options for the offensive coordinator job. Unlike last year, there are indications they are taking this seriously and being thorough in their search. If the offense is bad in 2013, it will not be because the Jets rushed into hiring the first name that popped into their head as has been known to happen in the past.