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John Idzik to Be Named Next Jets GM?

Otto Greule Jr

Brian Bassett reports Seahawks executive John Idzik will be named general manager of the Jets.

A source has told us that Seattle VP of Administration, John Idzik will be the next GM for the New York Jets. While the Jets have not yet confirmed this news,

If this turns out to be true, expect a Florio article in the coming days that portrays Idzik as inept and unqualified.

I would be fine with Idzik. He seems to have the credentials to potentially be a really good general manager. Better to find somebody with good resume ready to make the jump than a retread who is a known mediocrity. I would also give Woody Johnson credit. Instead of making the mistake a lot of owners do by leaning on people they know, he opened up the search and committed to finding the best possible candidate for this team. How good Idzik will be is a question, but the process seemed sound.