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Jets GM Rumors: Jim Popp Out of the Running

Jeff Vinnick

Jake Steinberg reports the Jets are no longer considering hiring Montreal Alouettes general manager Jim Popp.

Jim Popp is no longer in consideration for the GM job.

It sounds like the final four are: Kahn, Idzik, Sundquist and Cohen.

Popp would have been a bold and imaginative hire. Like all of the other candidates, he came with some question marks. The Jets apparently decided they were too great.

It seems like this search is wrapping up. Nobody can say whether those are really the final four. There are just so many conflicting reports out there that it is impossible to say. If those are my choices, Khan is my strong preference. I wouldn't be thrilled with Idzik or Sundquist but could talk myself into them. Hiring Cohen will create such incredible anger from the fan base that I cannot imagine the Jets would go with him. Even the Jets couldn't do something like that. Right? RIGHT?