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Jets GM Rumors: Marc Ross No Longer in the Running

Nick Laham

Brian Costello reports Marc Ross has withdrawn from consideration from the Jets general manager job.

Giants director of college scouting Marc Ross withdrew his name from consideration for the job, according to a source.

Ross interviewed for the job on Jan. 7 as part of the initial group of candidates the Jets looked at. The Jets are bringing some candidates back this week for second interviews and hope to have a general manager hired by the end of the week.

Or to be more accurate, Ross probably knew he wasn't getting the job and did this to try and save face. The fact the search expanded so suddenly last week is a pretty clear indication the initial wave of candidates aside from Dave Caldwell did little to blow the Jets away. Plus there have been no reports that Ross was contacted for a second interview nine days after the first. This won't stop people from acting like Ross was a top candidate who is blowing the Jets off, but nothing is going to stop those people from thinking that.