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New York Jets Offensive Coordinator Candidate: Cam Cameron

Andy Lyons

Name: Cam Cameron

Last Job: Baltimore Ravens Offensive Coordinator 2008-2012

Head Coaching Experience: Miami Dolphins 2007; Indiana University 1997-2001

Other Offensive Coordinator Experience: San Diego Chargers 2002-2006

Other NFL Coaching Experience: Washington Redskins Quarterbacks Coach1994-1996

Rex Ryan Ties: Cameron was the offensive coordinator, and Ryan was the defensive coordinator on the 2008 Ravens team that went to the AFC Championship Game.

Bottom Line:

Paul Hackett, Brian Schottenheimer, Tony Sparano. These are names of reviled Jets offensive coordinators. Cameron's style makes it quite likely he would join this list.

I don't think he would be quite that bad. Cameron is a competent coach who has built functional NFL offenses, which is more than you can say for the sorry crew mentioned above. The typical Cameron offense is above average scoring points, runs the ball effectively, and protects the football. If you want to build your team around your defense and view offense as a necessary evil that best controls the ball and does not give it away, Cameron could be a logical choice.

If you want a high flying attack that puts up huge plays through the air, Cameron isn't your guy. The NFL is built today around quarterbacks. The league's rules are conducive to making big plays in the passing game. The teams that cannot do that consistently put themselves at a big disadvantage. With Cam Cameron as your offensive coordinator, that is probably what your team will be like.

In conclusion, Cameron isn't as bad as people make him out to be, but he would not be an exciting candidate. One would hope the Jets could do better and view Cam only as a fallback option. It does not seem like he would be a difficult guy to get. After the Ravens fired him in season, it is not like he is going to have a ton of people beating down his door looking to hire him.