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New York Jets General Manager Search: Misinformation Abound


Yesterday, there were reports that the New York Jets were getting desperate and couldn't give away the job for free. Today, former NFL Pro Scouting Director and current agent Mike McCartney had this to say:

Here's the point. There are two people in this world that truly know what's going on. Their names are Woody Johnson and Jed Hughes. Everything else is speculation, at best. At worst, it's intentional misinformation. Many of these reporters that are leaking information may have spoken to one candidate, and they're using that information to generalize and speak for every candidate. We're still going to keep publishing rumors, and it's mostly so we can look back later to see who actually knew what they were talking about, and who was talking out of their rear end. None of the information we provide is conclusive until Woody Johnson himself introduces the new General Manager at a press conference.