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Texans vs. Patriots Game Thread

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

So far, three games this weekend, two instant classics. Hopefully this won't be one. Hopefully the Texans run New England out of the building.

There is a top tier of quarterbacks in the NFL. Three quarterbacks came into this weekend hoping to enter that top tier by taking their team all the way. Joe Flacco, Colin Kaepernick, and Matt Ryan all came up big. None of these guys is there yet, but they are all a step closer. Now Matt Schaub is up.

Like Flacco and Ryan, Schaub has put up big numbers, but hasn't carried his team in big games. This is a chance for him to show what he has. Unfortunately, I don't see him carrying Houston. I think he's a guy who has not entered the top tier for a reason. He always put up good stats, but his team never won until he was given a great run game and defense to compliment him.

The obvious comparison for this game is the Division game between the Jets and Pats two years ago. The Pats embarrassed the Jets in Foxborough in a hyped Monday Night game that year just like they did to the Texans this year. The Jets won the rematch. I don't think that will happen, and it goes beyond quarterbacks. Rex Ryan adjusted his scheme. The Jets didn't blitz much. They played coverage and threw a ton of different zone looks. Wade Phillips tends to not adapt his scheme. He lives and dies by what he does. That is a recipe for Tom Brady to go off. I'm pulling for Houston, but I think New England will win and it will be rather easy.

JB Playoff Prediction Record: 5-2