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New York Jets General Manager Search: Things Getting Desperate?


NFL insider Jay Glazer is hearing things, and these things do not sound good.

While I think Jets will hire some1 quickly for GM job, they have been getting rebuffed a lot and gone back to some asking them to reconsider

Rex isn't what GM candidates are concerned with - their cap situation, personnel, QB and the circus turned a lot of candidates off

This really isn't an attractive job. Mike Tannenbaum left this franchise in ruins. Rex by association is to blame because the circus perception has a lot to do with him. A new general manager wants to be able to create a new culture around the team. That is going to be very difficult with Rex still around. As long as he is with the team, the Jets will be Rex's team. I think forcing Rex on a new general manager is a mistake.

Glazer is right, though. Rex is not the biggest problem.

At the end of the day, this is still one of thirty-two jobs in the world like this. There still must be a qualified guy who can undertake the task and do it well.