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Jets GM Rumors: Jerry Angelo Getting Buzz

Jonathan Daniel

Adam SchefterI reports Jerry Angelo is very much in play for the general manager job.

Jets will hold follow-up discussions with at least two GM candidates they have interviewed. Name to watch: former Bears GM Jerry Angelo.

Color me unenthused.

SB Nation's Chicago Bears blog Windy City Gridiron offered their take on the situation.

If the Jets end up signing Angelo as their guy, they need to understand: He was always pretty average. A few good years, and a few bad years, with a lot of consistent mediocrity in between.

In the NFL, consistency is the key, and, at least in Chicago, he was never more than consistently average.

These are the people who know Angelo best. It sounds like not a big departure from the old regime. I would rather see the Jets swing for the fences than go with the known average general manager. The only thing Angelo really has going for him is that he's a lot better than a few of the names the Jets have interviewed.