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Scouting The 2013 NFL Draft: Tyler Bray, QB, Tennessee

Continuing our look at some of the talent on the offensive side of the ball, we move back to the Quarterback position and Junior QB Tyler Bray. Bray has announced that he will enter the 2013 NFL draft.

Scott Cunningham


Tyler Bray is a Junior Quarterback from the University of Tennessee. Bray appeared in 9 games in his Freshman 2010 season and started 5, he has been the starting Quarterback for the past two seasons with the Vols going 5-7 each year. Tyler has always been a Quarterback that many expected to make the step into the elite status, unfortunately that has never really happened, and some consider Tyler a second day pick when the draft rolls around. There are many reasons for this, so lets dive straight in. Tyler was born in Clovis, California and was majoring in Sociology at Tennessee.


Height: 6'6

Weight: 215 lbs

Position: Quarterback

School: University of Tennessee

Grade: Junior


2012 268 451 3612 59.4 8.01 72 34 12 8 146.3
2011 147 247 1983 59.5 8.03 81 17 6 11 144.8
2010 125 224 1849 55.8 8.25 80 18 10 16 142.7


First thing you notice about Tyler is that he has your prototypical size that is usually desired in a Quarterback, he is built well and despite an injury keeping him out for 5 games in 2011, he can take a hit. He throws a very good accurate deep ball, manages to fizz balls into tight areas and touch on passes of 20 yards + is very good. His arm strength is elite and there is no other way to put it. Does process through his progressions and is very adept at looking off defensive backs. Gets the ball out very quickly, has a short and sharp release and ball release angle is very good. Does feel pressure quite well and can slide his feet to avoid it,


Has been called extremely immature, this past summer he was in court for purposely driving a jet ski close to swimmers and last season he was reprimanded for throwing beer bottles at cars in the parking lot of his apartment block. Seems to be a player who enjoys the spotlight a little too much and lets it go to his head. Very questionable athleticism and is never a danger to run. Does not like taking a hit and will often throw off his back foot and bail out on throws if he knows he is going to get hit. His accuracy is quite poor especially on short routes, misses his check downs and doesn't always connect on the simple swing passes. Needs to do a better job with his mechanics, can be lazy at times not squaring his shoulders and not completing his motion. Although he can avoid pressure, he still has some happy feet when in the pocket. Doesn't throw well on the move.


I'm not Tyler Bray's biggest fan, I think he has maturity issues and his tendency to bail out of throws due to pressure scares me, especially considering he is a pocket passer. He is a development guy and his interception rate should be significantly higher - he takes way too many chances and makes too many poor decisions. Some team will fall in love with his deep ball and his size. Could he go at the back end of the first round? yes he could, but he's more a mid second round pick.

Would I draft him for the Jets?

No, absolutely not. His mechanics leave a lot to be desired and I don't think he has the mental make-up to survive in New York. We don't protect the Quarterback well, and his bail out tendency would not go over very well with our fans. I like a QB who can throw on the move and he's not one of them. If he fell to the 4th round somehow, I may consider it as a project - no sooner.

Video Highlights:

Tyler Bray vs Florida 2012 (via JPDraftJedi)