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Ravens vs. Broncos Game Thread


Eight teams are left. Four will remain after this weekend. The Divisional Playoffs kick off with the Baltimore Ravens visiting the Denver Broncos.

The phrase "legacy game" is going to be a recurring theme this weekend. Three quarterbacks who have had great regular season success but have not been able to win big games for their team face potentially career-defining moments.

First up is Joe Flacco. He has won at least one Playoff game all five seasons he has been in the league, but that is misleading. His Playoff numbers have been bad. He has been carried by his teammates. When his team has needed him to carry the load, the Ravens have been eliminated. He is going to have to carry the load today. The Ravens are going to need him to make big plays. Peyton Manning is going to put points on the board. Can Flacco keep up?

My guess is no. Flacco hasn't stepped up in the past. He hasn't shown any indication this year that he's ready to do so. I like Denver to move on to the AFC Championship Game.

JB's Playoff Prediction Record: 4-0