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New York Jets Rumors: Jets Looking at David Lee for Quarterbacks Coach

Not this David Lee.
Not this David Lee.

Manish Mehta says the Jets are looking at David Lee for their quarterbacks coach job.

The Daily News has learned that Rex Ryan, who's had seemingly daily defections on his coaching staff, is targeting David Lee to replace the fired Matt Cavanaugh as the Jets' next quarterbacks coach. Ryan interviewed Lee for the same position a year ago before the quarterbacks guru signed with the Bills.

Lee was the offensive coordinator at the University of Arkansas in 2007. That team used the Wildcat heavily. The next year, Lee was with the Dolphins and is credited with installing the Wildcat in Miami.

This isn't a Wildcat coach job, though. It is a position coach job. Manish calls him a quarterbacks guru, but I'm not sure where the beef is to back this claim. The quarterbacks he has coached in the NFL include Chad Hutchinson, Quincy Carter, Chad Henne, and Ryan Fitzpatrick. You have to fall back on the old, "Maybe the guys he had just weren't talented," line to make sense of this move. There is no tangible track record of success.

There's no point in firing Matt Cavanaugh if you're just going to replace him with somebody like Lee. Another pickup off the Dolphins reject line this would be.