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Jets Will Interview Pep Hamilton for Offensive Coordinator

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

CBS Sports' Bruce Feldman reports the Jets will interview Stanford offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton.

NY Jets to interview Stanford OC Pep Hamilton for OC job MON/TUES, source tells CBS. He's in mix for at least 2 other OC jobs

If Rex Ryan wants to feature the passing game more at the expense of the run game, Hamilton might not be the guy. Stanford is a power run team first, second, and third and was that way going back to the Jim Harbaugh-Andrew Luck days. Everything is based on the run game in Stanford, and you see goal line personnel on other sides of the field.

That isn't necessarily a bad thing. The Jets do not have the quarterback to build an offense around the passing game and are unlikely to have one in 2013. Stanford is as well coached of an offensive team as you will see in the country. Hamilton deserves a serious look.